Central is about OTHERS. When it's not about us others can come to know our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is the heartbeat of our church and we seek for others to know Him through outlets like missions. Every summer our church plans mission trips for our students and adults. We believe God has sent each and every follower of Christ on a mission of reconciliation and redemption. All Jesus-followers are missionaries, even if just a fraction of the Church is sent out geographically or culturally. Most of us don’t need to go anywhere, as there is plenty of renewal to be done right where we are. We must love, empathize, and care for the broken, lost, hurting, and oppressed.


Central Tyler is a proud member of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International in support of fellow Baptist Churches and global missionsThe BBFI is a fellowship of pastors, and by extension, a network of preachers, churches, missionaries, and educational institutions worldwide, affiliated for the purpose of church planting and sharing the truth of the Word of God.