We are excited for the opportunity to share what God is doing around the world through the stories of some incredible missionaries. We have this schedule in place in order for you to get to know each missionary in a quick round robin meeting and secondly meet with each missionary to get an in-depth view of their lives, needs, and stories they have to share from their side of the world. Here's an inside rundown of our entire schedule for Global Impact Conference.

First Time at GIC?

Our goal for this conference is to shed light on global missions. We want to accomplish 2 major things with our schedule and that is to give you a brief glimpse into the lives of each of our missionaries as well as get to know each missionary on a deeper level to hear in-depth stories about their field.

What's Faith Promise Giving?

Rather than waiting to respond to individual needs as they come along,  we ask church members to make a commitment by faith to give a certain amount to missions over the next year. Then we, by faith, trust the Lord to provide what we have committed. This approach makes missions giving strategic and less sporadic. Every year we seek to add new missionary families and raise the support of current missionaries, based on the amount committed at our annual Missions Conference. 


    5:30PM • Free Meal in the Student Center - We apologize that our Gym will not be ready for its big debut just yet.

    6:30PM • Service in the Auditorium with live worship, and our first feature of one of our missionaries.

    KIDS • Our regular Mid•Week activities will still commence for our Kids 6th grade and under.


    5:30PM • Another Free Meal in the Student Center - We apologize that our Gym will not be ready for its big debut just yet.

    6:30PM • Round Robin in the Adult Ministries Building. This is a great opportunity for you to get a quick glimpse at each of our guest missionaries. You'll get a brief overview of their field and life in the mission field.

    KIDS • We love for our CT Kids to get a chance to see missions as well! Our CT56 Kids are encouraged to join their parents for the Round Robin to hear from our missionaries. Younger kids will be with our Kids Director, Hayden Martin for some fun activities. 


    FRIYAY • Enjoy some Friday Night Lights or family time - You get the night off!


    HOME GATHERINGS • Here's your second opportunity to hear from another missionary on a deeper level. We've paired several Central Groups up in large groups in order to make this happen. You'll gather at a host home for food and fellowship with a chance to hear from another missionary.

    MYERS HOME • Fellowship Class + Way Truth & Life Class + 20 Something's Class

    --- Missionary: Silas Thompson

    NUNN HOME • New Horizons Class + Cornerstone Class

    --- Missionary: Max Kennedy

    ROHRBACH HOME • Families Class + Journey Class + Ladies Class

    --- Missionary: Jennifer Kennedy


    --- Missionary Family: Curtis & Arli Motsinger

    STUDENTS •  College + Radiate students may join their families or friends on this evening

    KIDS • Full childcare is provided through 6th grade. Drop your kids off on campus at 5:30PM and we'll have them ready for pick up at 8:30PM.


    CENTRAL GROUPS • Here's your third opportunity to hear from another missionary in-depth. This will have given you the opportunity to hear each missionary on a deeper level. Join your Central Group at 9:45AM Sunday.

    Fellowship Class + Way, Truth & Life Class + 20 Something’s Class + Radiate Students
    Journey Class + Families Class +  Ladies Class
    Gideon Class
    New Horizons Class + Cornerstone Class

    SERVICE • Join us for our Faith Promise Sunday. This is where the gift you have been praying about comes into play. We'll gather in the Auditorium at 10:45AM for live worship, a word from one of our missionaries, and a chance to participate in the greatest commission as a funder of global missions.

    KIDS • Our regular Kids Services will commence on Sunday for Central Groups and Kids Church.


    It’s fall, y’all and that means it’s the perfect season for a nice bowl of chili. Join us as we finish up our conference with a chili cook off. Come taste some of the finest chili in our community. Our event kicks off at 6PM. We can’t wait to see you there.
    We will give away prizes to the top three winners of three categories - best tastin’ mild, spicy & most unique recipe. To be a contestant in our chili cook off, CLICK HERE.