Everybody is on a journey of faith. Some are brand new to church and God, while others are looking to continue growing in their faith. Wherever you currently find yourself, our desire is to help you take steps toward the full and rich life that God has for you (John 10:10).

Where are you on the map? What’s your next step? How can we help?

If we can answer any questions or guide you along the way, please email us at or stop by our Green Tents outside of our building this weekend.

We look forward to helping you on your journey!


At Central Tyler, we want to make your faith journey one for the books!

Find where you are in your journey and grow with us!


    We recognize biblical membership matters because people need it. People need membership commitment because they need to be connected to a Christian community. This is not just for the sake of the faith community, but also for the sake of the individual. We believe that the church can serve the individual or family and the family or individual can serve within the church.

    Come and meet our CT team and learn a bit about the heartbeat of Central Tyler. This class is personally led by our lead pastor, Kim Beckham. He is here to answer any doctrinal or vision question you may have about our church before making a decision to join.
    We encourage anyone (13 and older) interested in joining Central Tyler to go through our 101 Course. Come and learn about the heart of Central and meet our staff. Lunch and childcare will be provided. Attending the class does not require you to immediately become a member, but serves launching pad for membership at Central Tyler. Attending this event also does not mean you automatically become a member. The Central Tyler Team asks that you pray with your family before agreeing to commit to membership.

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    God is consistent in His plan for each of our lives. He would not give us inborn talents and temperaments, spiritual gifts, and all sorts of life experiences and then not want to use them! He has created us to be used. When we review and study God’s creation in our lives we will discover the ministry God has for us - the unique way He intends for us to serve him.

    This class serves as a great launching pad for discovering your ministry gifts and learning where you can serve here at Central Tyler.

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    Now that you've found your place, we encourage all active members at Central Tyler to find an outlet to serve. To live out God’s full potential for your life, you must step out of the spectator stands and get in the game!  That’s why we make it easy to join the team by volunteering. We have many different areas to volunteer. From greeting to holding babies - we know there is a place for you on our volunteer team.

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At Central Tyler we desire for all believers to grow in deep discipleship of our Lord Jesus Christ. We provide a discipleship course through eDiscipleship so that all of our members become mature believers. Once you complete the eDiscipleship Course, you will receive a certificate from Lead Pastor Kim Beckham.