CT Men

Purpose: To challenge every willing man of Central Baptist Church with the resources to grow into incredible, strong men who can make a difference spiritually in their family, church and community. At Central, we have two ways for you to get involved: ManMakers and DNA Groups.


“Becoming the man God created you to be.”

ManMakers touches every aspect of a man’s life. From dedicated follower of Christ, to dealing with temptations, to being a Godly husband and father, ManMakers will give you the tools to become a man of God and give you an accountability group that will last. If you are looking for a Christian group of men where you can be your honest self, this is the place!

Contact Kevin Skinner, ManMakers Director for more info.


DNA Groups

DNA groups exist to help the men of Central Tyler grow spiritually and find community with other men. ┬áThis is an opportunity to come together and pray, read scripture and share each other’s burdens. Out of these meetings come long lasting friendships and accountability. Life change happens in these groups!

Email Pastor Joel for more information!